Whether you are just exploring Christianity or have been a Christian for many years.  We believe that Discovery Bible Studies are great next steps to investigate Jesus or to deepen your faith journey in new and fresh ways.  


This 6 month section is broken down into 4 sections.  Discover, Encounter, Grow and Multiply. These sections reflect the intentional relationships Jesus had with his Disciples.  


Some sections may seem more beneficial for certain people in your group depending on where each of you are in your journey of life. But remember this group is not only about what you can get out of it but how your whole group can grow together over the year.  We encourage you to try and complete 1 Passage list from each section.


For each section we have provided a range of passage choices for you to select from. 


NEXT STEPS: Download, save or print out the Facilitating Cards and Commitment Cards. Then select Section 1 Discover and choose a passage list to begin with your group! 

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Whether you have been a Christian for years or you are just curious about the life of Jesus. This section will guide you to discover who Jesus really is. 

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Jesus longs to have a relationship with each of us! This section will guide you to encounter Jesus in a new and deeper way. 

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Growing in our love and obedience to Jesus is key to life. This section will guide you to grow in your knowledge and love for Jesus!

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The good news is too great to keep to ourselves. This section will guide you to grow in sharing the story of Jesus with others!


(Click on cards to download)

These cards are your tool to go through different sections and passage lists together as a group. We encourage you to complete the 4 Steps each time you meet as a group. These steps of Reflect, Read, Discover and Respond are very important to the Discovery process. Be sure to follow the Guidelines as well whether you are facilitating or just participating in the group each week. You can print these cards for your group or you can download these cards to your phone or device.

Discovery Bible Study Questions
Discovery Bible Study Guidelines


(Click on cards to download)

In order to foster a more effective environment for growth and change we think it is important that each member commit to one another at the beginning of their Discovery Group.  Below is a commitment card you can download or print to use in your group.