Crossing Brooklyn Bridge


There are many things to value in scripture. Here are a few things that we cherish and hope to emulate in our lives.


Loving & Knowing 


We think Jesus should be at the center of everything we do. We love Jesus because he first loved us.  Our desire is that everyone would be devoted to passionately knowing and loving him.


Being Led by

the Spirit

We value yielding our entire lives to the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit as he equips and empowers us to love God and our neighbors together.


Walking in Love Driven


Out of our love for God we joyfully follow and obey him. We believe God's word instructs us how to walk and obey him and Jesus told us if we love him then we will keep his commandments. We value obeying Jesus from a passionate heart of love.





Loving those around us takes great intentionality. We value intentionally building relationships with not only people in our church but those far from God just as Jesus taught us through his relationships.




This is Jesus' purpose and mission for our lives. This is not only the mission of pastors and leaders in our church but we believe every Christian's purpose is to make more followers of Jesus where they live, work and play.


Living in Authentic


We believe that God designed us to need one another in this journey called life.  We are devoted to one another in every aspect of life. We spend time together, share our gifts with one another, serve one another, care for one another, help one another, celebrate with one another and endure the hardships of life with one another.


Demonstrating Radical Generosity

 We believe we cannot out give God. Jesus has given us everything we need for this life and the next and because of that we want to reflect the same radical generosity of our heavenly Father. We value demonstrating radical generosity in every area of our lives. We sacrificially and cheerfully give by opening our homes, giving from our bank accounts, and giving our time, talents and gifts to the advancement of God’s Kingdom through the local church.